How to promote gender equality among school children


Female children are not highly regarded like the males especially in African settings. It is good to know that women have important role to play in the societies. Having nation with high number of well-behaved and resourceful children depend solely on mothers. Hence, the need to promote gender equality among […]

Things To Do During This Lock Down

I was watching a segment of a breakfast show this morning captioned “LOCK DOWN MODE”… In this segment random videos of kids, parents, siblings and even teens doing something funny or entertaining stuffs were been shown…I got to know all you needed to do was make a video of yourself […]

Benefits of Marrying a Virgin

Lawrence Okeke

Being a virgin doesn’t mean being a good wife material. Some might be virgin but zero in character. But being a virgin always come with advantages and blessings, and as well with little disadvantages.Below are the advantages of getting married to a virgin: 1.You will be the first that will […]