Bitter Kola: The No. 1 Reason Why Our Fathers Lived Healthier And Longer Than Our Generation.

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Recent research by WHO has revealed that 52% of deaths today are caused by different sicknesses.

This simply shows that 54 out of 100 persons die today as a result of one illness or the other.

This is an alarming rate compared to its former 32% during the time of our fathers.

It’s been on the increase daily according to WHO, if nothing is done about this, it will get to an outrageous rate of 76% by 2030.

If you read this article till the end, I promise to reveal to you the no. 1 secret that has made our fathers stay healthier and lived longer.

The doctors don’t want you to know this. Simply because a drop in number of sick persons will result in a declining income.

I’m not trying to down-play the importance of doctors or their sincerity. Of course, our doctors have done a lot for us. But I just want you to look at this from an objective angle.

Have you ever wondered what it will feel like staying without drugs for decades? Not years now. But decades. Our fathers experienced it first hand. They knew how it felt staying without drugs but still living healthy.

But today, most of us take drugs like addicts. This is a problem and below is why:

The average human takes at least one drug prescription a month. And hey, these drugs have side effects.

We all know of that one person who takes drugs a lot. He can barely go a day without a drug.

These drugs deposit chemical residues that affect the body negatively in the long run. An accumulation of these drugs have been discovered to generate further issues in the body while ultimately causing a different ailment.

The issue with this is, it won’t be diagnosed immediately. Give it some few years and it will be named something else. Another drug will be taken to cure the side effect of the previous drug. And the cycle continues.

We can’t continue like this. We sure can’t.

We can’t allow the deaths caused by sickness to keep increasing.

We need a solution that will make it easy for us to stay healthy and live longer with no side effects.

It’s the dream of every happy person.

Our fathers were able to achieve this. We are also capable of doing such.

What our fathers made use of is simple and yet, it is neglected.

It is always within our reach but we neglect it and look down on it. I’m sure you’ve seen it before.

The name of the secret product is Bitter kola.

You’ve heard of it right? Just as I guessed. Now you are wondering why I called it a secret.

Bitter Kola! It is the reason why our fathers had such tremendous years.

Now, why bitter kola? Why is it that important?

  1. From the days of our fathers till date, there has been no recorded side effect of bitter kola. It has no side effect.
  2. It has tremendous health benefit. It helps to improve immune system.
  3. It also helps in combating STDs.
  4. Furthermore, it helps to cure impotency. This might be the reason why it was eaten by mainly the men. Lol.
  5. Assists with weight loss.
    Served as anti-malaria agent.
  6. Bitter kola enhances cancer treatment
  7. It increases mental alertness.
  8. It bosses fertility.
  9. Helps one stay awake. I’ve experienced this one first hand.
  10. Serves as a minor therapy for cold.
  11. Helps in solving glaucoma (eye pressure)
    It reduces constipation.

And lots more.

This worked for our fathers and still works today. You won’t have to be amongst those who visit the doctor regularly.

I personally haven’t experienced any side effect of bitter kola. But not more than 3 or 4 a week is advised.

So when next you go to the market, get yourself a bitter kola. Chew about 3 or 4 a week. You can take more. But 3 or 4 is ideal for an adult.

With consistency you will notice the changes in your body system.

Start today. Get a bitter Kola and enjoy.

PS: it is called bitter kola because it is actually bitter. Well it’s not as bitter as malaria drugs lol.

Thanks for reading.

U.N Sampson Demian

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