Ovarian Cancer: The Worst Gynaecological malignancy


Introduction Ovarian cancer occurs when malignant or cancerous cells are found in the ovaries. Globally, ovarian cancer is the 7th commonest cancer in women; and the 3rd commonest genital tract malignancy after cancers of the cervix and uterus  — accounting  about 4.4% of cancer-related deaths in 2018.  The highest rates […]

Is Laughter Medicinal?


We enjoy a good laugh and there is no doubt about that.  But beyond the fun in laughing, there are several health benefits linked with it.  Many studies have confirmed that laughter can reduce blood  pressure, alleviate pain and stress, and engender a stronger immunity system. Yeah! Laughter can really […]

Why You Should Be Happy Always

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By John Oche Newman. Reviewed and published on 2nd June, 2020 Your emotions play a very dynamic role in your constant way of living. How you react to other happenings identified or perceived by your body and mind can well define how most, if not all people comprehend and even […]

8 Foods that Support Kidney Functions

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Kidneys are the main organ of urinary system that perform numerous functions like removal of waste products of metabolism, production of electropoietin, a hormone that regulate blood cells synthesis, electrolyte and water balance, regulation of blood pressure through angiotensin- Aldosterol system and so on. With essential functions, you can not […]

How to deal with depression


How many times have you felt so down and out? This is a phenomenon that each and everyone of us has in one way or the other experienced, some within a little period of time, others for some certain period. Introverts tend to be more depressed than extroverts. Solitude is […]