How to Become a School Graduate from Poor Background

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Raised  from poverty life should not be a factor to lose the chance of becoming a graduate or ,educated. Most of people have poor perception on education,  that education is meant only for rich people who are able to afford its cost from beginning to the end. But it has been proven that students from poor life condition are the ones  who are doing best, and this is because they respect the golden chance of getting education despite the difficulty they face.

Larger percentage of students from poor background remain uneducated because most of them fail to accomplish their studies either due to school requirements like school fees, uniforms and books or due to no force  on their family about being educated.

All  hindering factors can be solved.  The following are ways to become school graduate from poor background:

1.Be positive and focus.
Remove all negative thoughts and believe that you can even when others don’t believe in you. Once your mind tells you are capable to achieve it,then all hindrance factor will start to disappear.  

Empty brain begets poverty


Victory starts from the mind. He who fails in life has already being defeated in the mind. Winners in life are constructive thinkers, believers of themselves rather than allowing other people’s naysayings limit them.

Poverty is just a stage,you are not meant to remain there permanently. It is an ignition to achieve something better.  It should not make you to be afraid of achieving certain goals you wish. So, by having a positive attitude always will open your mind to accept the situation,help you  focus on them and in turn accomplish your goals despite all trials.

2.Seek for sponsorship.
Understanding your situation is the first way to solve your problem. Seek help from others.

Many organizations nowadays offer sponsorship  especially on educational sector to support students to reach their dreams.  There are many online and offline foundations where you can apply for scholarship, and once accepted they will help you in paying school fees and getting other school requirements. Check the following scholarship foundations:

3.Build friendship with  government schools
Some schools offer free education to their students, especially those  who are performing well and those who are coming from poor background. Reach out to  them and express your feelings and desire.This will let them to know you well, help you based on your situation,or recommend a better opportunity that will give you a way to study safely until you graduate.

4.Study harder.

Studying hard should be a habit of all students who wish to achieve the fruits of education. But this should be more to those from poor background as their better performance can convince people to pay their tuition fees to pay more attention until they graduate. So, reciprocate their kindness by studying hard to convince them even more.

And do not dare to mingle with students who will ruin your dreams.

‘‘Heaven help those who help themselves’’

5.Work hard.
Don’t stay idle; instead use your holidays to engage in various economic activity which will boost your income. This will support you and your family. Example : if you stay in the village, establish your own farm, harvest your crops and sell them in town. Use the amount you get finance your tuition,  buy school books, and working harder until you graduate.

6.Attract people.
Have a good behavior which will influence people to love you and help you. This will make even your classmates to feel empathy on you. And they will find way to support you. Example when you hear your fellow is sick. be close to her or him and give all support which you’re capable of. This will open the door for you to be helped too, until you graduate.

7. Start tutorial class or lesson center.

If you are a brilliant student, to train yourself in school will never be a big problem to you. You know why? You can easily monetize your knowledge without being selfish and other students will be willing to patronize you. Organize tutorial classes depending on your level of education. Start teaching others free of charge, and when you have created values, you can demand some fees — letting them know that you are charging them because of the need to sustain yourself in school, they  will gladly pay, and even some of them will take it upon them to see for your wellbeing until you graduate.

I am a living witness to this. Most of my school needs are happily met by my fellow students. I am totally grateful to God today. This is because I have taken the problem of my fellow students both academic and non-academic upon myself, and without begging anyone for help, they are eager to invest in my life. Of course, I am highly intelligent and that distinguish me among my equals. Prepare yourself well, help others selflessly and wealth will follow.

8.Create special affinity with your lecturers and/ or school management..

Starting anything new or good is usually hard. Likewise trying to become a school graduate,  I mean well-grounded one is not easy. Once you sum up courage, and maintaining right attitude, you will successfully graduate despite your  level of your poverty.

You only need to be the right person and right people with wealth will come to your aid.

What am I saying here ?  I mean you should be friendly with your lecturers, contribute your quota to the growth of the school — let every nook and cranny of the school feel your impact. I bet you once you are ever ready to unleash your potentials, some lecturers with philanthropic heart will support your schooling.

Yeah, my friend Godwin is a living testimony. He is very intelligent though  from a very poor background. After secondary school, he spent many years doing all sort of works like organizing tutorial classes, working in farms and so on. He raised some funds, took Jamb exam and was successfully admitted to study Medical Laboratory Science in one of the Universities in Nigeria. He has   singlehandedly paid his entrance fees and sustained himself till the end of first year when the money he had saved exhausted.

I still remember when he came to me for an advice, ‘‘Demian’’, he said, ‘‘I have nothing on me again. The money I had saved is used up in my first year. This is second year. I have not paid my bills and beside, exam will start next 2 months. It seems that I have gotten to the end of the tunnel. What do I do? Going back is not never an option’’

‘‘Yes bro’’, I replied, ‘‘going back is never the way forward. When one door closes, another will soon open but most at times, we kept on watching the closed door that we fail to recognize the new door that just open before us. What I am trying to say is: don’t quit; remain strong. Tough time never last but tough do. Kneel down in prayer, ask God for help, and surely He will send helpers for His word said in 1 Peter 5:7 that we should cast our burdens on Him for He cares for us. Moreover, I will give you some money now to sustain your fees and join you in prayer’’.

With these few words, my friend’s face brightened. He left with happiness and consistently followed my advice as promised. Few weeks later, he notified of great news: ‘‘Demian,God has answered our prayers. One senior lecturer in my department has offered to sponsor me for the few remaining  years and his reason for the scholarship was that he had seen my impact in my course and would like to contribute his quota to my life. To crown all, he even promised to send me abroad for my masters once I am done here. I am so happy now. You are a wonderful friend. I will forever have you in my heart. Thanks so much’’, my friend testified.

‘’You are highly welcome. What’s friend for? If not stand behind the other in need.Glory be to God who had proven Himself faithful. Let’s not lose hope. Tomorrow will be great’’ I politely responded.

You have seen how my friend, Godwin has gotten scholarship. Make effort and God will bless it. Quit blaming others and take full responsibility for you!

Not only that the  above steps can make you  become a school graduate, but also enhance your personal efforts to perform well in school. So use all means of Embrace personal studies, attend discussion forum, attend classes and write notes, and most importantly  obey school rules and regulations.With these in place you will be getting high scores until you graduate. Performing greatly on your final can earn you a better opportunity.

Thanks for reading. I wish you best luck. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask that in the comment form below.


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