How to Improve Poor Performance In Mathematics and Other Courses Involving Calculations

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Most students have created a negative attitude on courses which involve calculations like mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Accounting and they fail woefully in any quizz or examinations involving calculations. They are phobic of calculations

They do so because of poor perception on those courses and they have NO MENTORS to advise and support them.

Courses involving calculations are simple and understable. They do not need much memorization as other subjects, instead you need to know the formulae and techniques for solving.   

I am philic(lover) of calculations.  Let me share with you few things on how to improve poor performance in mathematics and other courses involving calculations:

1.Having a positive attitude about the course

The most crucial thing is to have a positive attitude on the subject and love it despite the hardness you feel on it. Believing in yourself. Love your courses; there is no other person who can change your own world except you.

Loving the course will open your brain to accept it in any condition, and  also will make you get different alternatives to find solutions

Positive mindset  will make you to never give up on it — consistently drawing out stamina for you to trash those seemed hard calculations.

2.Attend classes regularly

The second most important thing which most students fail at,it’s  their presence in class. Students who don’t attend classes are the ones with low grades .Attending class lectures is one of the elements in getting good scores. Having  good discipline in attending classes will help you to know different techniques on solving the questions the teachers use, will make you take important points which will simplify your work during study hours,and also you will get to be known by the lecturer of the course.

3.Create good friendship with teachers.

Most students fails not because  they know nothing, But because they lack  bonds between them and their teachers and they see their teachers as their enemies,and  this contributes to their failure. The duty of teachers is not only to teach in classes and leave you Alone, They are responsible also to assist individual performance of their students, but this is only done to students with respect to their have a good relation with the subject master , tell him or her your problems on the course . This will make you love their course and also to study hard on the subject and getting good grades which will motivate him to support you more.

4.Find a study partner.

Finding a course hard and getting poor grades doesn’t means that all students are like you. After recognise your weakness in calculations, find a classmate who is good at that subject and will be able to help you. Tell him or her your problems on the course and make a committed timetable. Example: After each class session you make a revision on what the teacher has taught and ask your study partner questions on where you didn’t understand, that will go a long way making you perform better.

5.Practice more.

The secret behind the calculative courses  is persistency. Don’t be too lazy. Do a lot of exercise topic by topic to be familiar with the questions, pass through different books to get new ideas. Practising will increase your speed and accuracy in solving. Also, it will make you have more concepts and formulas.

6.Give them priority.

To enjoy the calculation courses, you need to study them before your brain gets tired and they need to be studied every day in the week . Design the timetable by giving them the priorities of being the first one to open the day, because other subjects can be studied at any time .

7.Pray to GOD.

Make a regular prayer based on your belief. Ask GOD to be with you on your course and support you in whatever hard you get. Example:  you mayy pray at the beginning and after end of the session. Bear in mind that God giveth all knowledge and understanding. Draw closer to Him and tap from His oasis of wisdom.

8.Foster discussion group

Group discussion is the key way of handling problems among learners.  Ideas are shared in the discussion, mostly if you utilize it well, you will end up improving your calculative instincts and possibly do well in other courses. Group discussion should be made up of smart students, average ones and possibly acclaimed ‘‘dullard’’ and not majorly of mediocres. Be dynamic rather than static. Join different group discussions to see the way or  how your fellows are solving questions.
These will challenge you and drastically help you improve more.

9. Learn formula derivation

Mastering forumulae and knowing how to apply them where necessary is the basic key to excel in Mathematics and other calculative courses.  Learning formula derivation takes time but it’s worth spending time to master them. I did very well in all calculative courses because my ability to master different forumulae gotten from my personal studies.

Once I have mastered the  primary formulae, I usually go ahead to compare or relate to other variables in order to win any question in whatever form it is set. For instance, Force(f) = mass(m) X acceleration(a).

f =ma, but acceleration(a) =Velocity(v)/time(t).

f = mv/t;  whereas Velocity(v) = ft/m

My course mates called me  ‘’Albert Einstein’’ because I was the best whenever you talk about calculation. This talent has taken me to many places in terms of competition and otherwise. I am glad   because I was sleepless derivating those forumulae while those my course mates were sleeping and today are celebrating me. I became source of reference whenever they talked about best student.

So, pick your paper now and derive many formulae daily, try applying them in your calculations, and with time, you master  them. Constant practice, they say makes perfect!


In order to improve in any course, the important thing is to have discipline on it(and also believing in yourself). This will make you respect it and make more effort on it. such as attending classes, lot of revision, love and creating friendship with teachers etc.

No matter what bumps you face on your journey to excellence. Never give up. Just like goals break down any big problems you face into smaller more manageable chunks and get out there and achieve your goal.

Thanks for reading. If you find this resourceful, share with others on social media. If you have any question or suggestion, let me hear you out soonest.

U.N Sampson Demian

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