Retreat, Goal Setting, And Needs/Wants


‘‘A retreat is an opportunity to engender creativity — a time to remove your nose from the grindstone and look to the hills, a chance to think about what ought to be — and devise steps to get there’’. During enemy assault, mostly when the “good guys” (army, navy, police […]

What Men Want In Life And Relationship

Demian 1

Most times, I hear people ask this very clear question, What do men really want?Often than none, this questions are been asked by ladies, women, girls etc..Sincerely, As a man, I don’t even know what i want!!But I considerably know “What men wants”.. Let’s define who “Men” is, it will […]

Five remarkable Qualities of an entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are remarkable individuals. They are remarkable because they are like God, they have the capacity to create something out of what many would consider nothing. Entrepreneurs are innovators. They chart new skills and developments in various places that they are found.It is no longer news that our world is […]