Things To Do During This Lock Down

Helptocode Okeke

I was watching a segment of a breakfast show this morning captioned “LOCK DOWN MODE”… In this segment random videos of kids, parents, siblings and even teens doing something funny or entertaining stuffs were been shown…I got to know all you needed to do was make a video of yourself […]

What Men Want In Life And Relationship

Demian 1

Most times, I hear people ask this very clear question, What do men really want?Often than none, this questions are been asked by ladies, women, girls etc..Sincerely, As a man, I don’t even know what i want!!But I considerably know “What men wants”.. Let’s define who “Men” is, it will […]

Football Set to Resume

The top European elite leagues are set to Resume with The German Bundesliga Kicking off tomorrow 16th may with a host of competitions.The European top five leagues are set to Resume apart from French League 1 whose league has been cancelled following the French Government directives that no sporting activity […]