Sex-selection: How to choose the sex of your baby

Sex selection: Human beings have a set of 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of each cell. (That’s 23 pairs of chromosomes). In female, the sex chromosomes are identical XX while in males, they are different, XY. During the formation of an egg in the ovary, each egg has one sex chromosome, X while during the sperm formation in the testis, each sperm has either X or Y chromosome.  Fertilization occurs when one of the sperm cells, either X or Y chromosome released during sexual intercourse unite with the ovum. That is:

X+Y = XY (male baby)

X+X = XX (female baby)

Sex selection: It then means that it is the man who actually determines the sex of the baby. So, those that lay blames on women for producing many girls without any boy especially in African settings where having male child is the order of the day should better stop it.  You can now see that men are truly responsible.

Y-chromosomes: The Y-chromosome sperm is round handed, smaller, lighter and faster in movement than X-chromosome. But it has shorter life span, about 24 hours after deposited in the posterior fornix of the vagina to swim to the fallopian tube for fertilization during copulation.

X-chromosomes: The X-chromosome sperm has an oval shaped head, larger in size and lives longer, about 48-72 hours. It is heavier, slow in movement and smaller in quantity than the Y-chromosomes in a single ejaculation.

Spermatozoa carry the sex chromosomes that determine the sex of the offspring. Every normal baby is conceived with either XX chromosomes (female) or XY chromosomes (male).  XX chromosome inherited makes the baby to develop ovaries while that of XY makes a baby develop testes.

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How to choose the sex of your baby

Sex selection: There are few methods of choosing the sex of your baby but no technique gives 100% result. These methods are:

1. Prayer:

  God is the maker of all things and if you will get what you want, it’s through prayer and faith. Prayer can help you select the sex of your child. It has worked for many; I believe, it will work for you. Say Psalm25; 28; and 127:3-5 every morning and night by both couple. If not possible, the woman can pray alone.

2. Ovulation timing: 

This is a very important method. It involves knowing your time of ovulation. Get these tips:

a. From the 10th day of your menstrual cycle, start looking out for thin watering slimy-drawing mucus discharge.

b. There is increase in body temperature. If you keep a daily body temperature chart from the 10th day of your cycle, on the ovulation day the temperature will shoot higher than in other days.

c. Some feel pain and tenderness in the breasts. Breasts discomfort, feeling of breast being heavy, tingling and pricking sensation in the breasts are signs that ovulation is about to take place.

d. Some women have lower abdominal pain (ovulation pain).

e. Ovulation bleeding –some women experience slight blood –just stains on their pants.

The most important thing in selecting your baby’s sex is the knowledge of your ovulation period. The plan is let the Y-chromosome bearing sperm to be the first to reach the egg for fertilization in order to get baby boy. If the X-chromosome bearing sperm reaches the egg first, a baby girl is produced.  The Y-sperms are faster but they die quicker while the X-sperms survive longer time.

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How to Get a Baby Boy

Two days to the 10th day of your circle, avoid any sexual intercourse. From the 10th day start watching out for signs of ovulation.

Once you notice that your vulva is now slippery and lubricated, giving you a feeling of wetness at the vulva and find that the mucus appears thin, white and transparent, stretching or drawing up to 6-8 centimeters or 2 to 3 inches. You know that you are to ovulate. Note the exact time. Delay sexual intercourse for 24 to 36 hours after ovulation to give time for the egg to be released from the ovary and for the released egg to be in the fallopian tube waiting for the arrival of the spermatozoa.  Then you can meet with your partner and under favorable condition , the lighter fast moving Y-chromosome sperm is likely to fertilize the egg and hence  a baby boy.

3. There is another advanced expensive method which is by filtration technique developed by Dr. Ronald Erisson.

4. Lifestyle modification: Abstain from smoking and alcohol as they lower your fertility. Embrace healthy lifestyles such as eating balance diet, regular exercise and controlling overweight.

How to Get a Baby Girl

Sex selection: Beginning from the 10th day, watch out for signs of ovulation. Once you see that, have sexual intercourse. By the time the ovulation takes place, all the Y-chromosomes would have expired and what will be left to fertilize the ovum will be on the X-chromosome, hence, a baby girl.


Thanks for reading.  I wish you the best luck as you take the bold step of choosing the sex of your baby. If you have question or suggestion, feel free to let me know in the comment form.