Things To Do During This Lock Down

Helptocode Okeke

I was watching a segment of a breakfast show this morning captioned “LOCK DOWN MODE”… In this segment random videos of kids, parents, siblings and even teens doing something funny or entertaining stuffs were been shown…I got to know all you needed to do was make a video of yourself […]

Internet Fraud: a Cause for Alarm

Demian 1

Since its inception in the 1980’s, the Internet has become the best thing since sliced bread. It has its numerous advantages that Inexhaustibly include: shopping for things online, job hunting, entertainment, research and exploring the world. It makes life super easy. But like the edges of a sword, if you […]

10 Best Apps for Learning Korean


It is always an added advantage to be able to understand and speak a variety of languages. You must not necessarily be a polyglot which of course is really nice, for you to ad Korea in your basket of languages, its very possible with just your smartphone, not books, not […]