The Life We All Should Live: Lessons to Learn from Children’s lives

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There is a way I view children. I like listening to them, I give them attention more often than usual, I interact with them at every slightest chance I see. What marvel’s me is the smartness of these 21st century children..
The way they think is extra ordinarily unimaginable..

Because of this love I have for them, I always get fixated with every of their activities, not excluding their playful mode.. I took out time to study their play pattern, I was shocked with my observations.. I traced my observations back to my Humble Beginning, and then I understood this; Despite the technological change of the world, One thing remains certain in kids. They are “Always Friends” no matter what!!
They play, they laugh, they fight, and they cry together.. They don’t keep grudges, they just repeat the same process the next day..

Just like these kids I made time to study, for one to live a fulfilled life, their lifestyle is just the life we all should live.

They live a life;

1. A life of clear Mind: This is the first step to live a free life. If your mind is not made up on anything, you never can achieve it. A clear mind allows you to be more open, and gives you a leverage of seeing life from different perspectives. What you put in your mind determines the way you think.
Until you make your mind as open as a “flowing water”, you might not be able to live your life like that of a child.

”Having a child’s mind is the key to happiness and longetivity. If you want to be ever green, then que up with children!”,My father, U. Demian Snr. usually remarked.

2. A Life Free from Jealousy:
Jealousy would not only destroy your emotions, it will also show that you are not morally upright. Jealousy is a significance of an unfulfilled life, it fills up your emotions with negativity. This inturn breaks you down and makes your life apparently different from those of these children we highlighted above.

3. A Life without Greed: If you closely watch the kids play, you will notice that they are cheerful when it comes to sharing. They can  happily share a gift amongst themselves without any form of greed. This adventure revolves around them, it’s part of them, it lives in them.

One can achieve total freedom once greed is eliminated. Because greed fills your heart with intense selfish desire and nothing would ever be enough for you in your life.

4. A life of forgiveness: Forgiveness would not only make peace between you and your counterpart, it will also set you free from grudges and make you cherish your now, by forgetting your past.
Forgiving others is important, because if you can do that, you can also forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made in life, and this is the only way  to move forward. flinging away pains and living the life of your dream.
Just like the kids, they forgive easily without hesitation, and that brings them peace in unity..

5. A life with the type of people you’d want to be: There is a saying, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. This isn’t just another sentence, it is a clear picture of how we become the friends we keep.
Like minds attract, if you constantly spend time with negative people, you will be one negative person among them. If you spend time with people of values, you will be valuable as well. It is a natural phenomenon, and the reason kids play with  their type who understands their level of communication. If another child is not smart enough to share the same idea as theirs, they will stop adding that child to their clique while playing.
It is a very natural rule, no one can bend it.

6. A life of Less Worries: When you worry less on the things you can’t change, it helps you foster your focus on the very things you can change in your life. Those things you can’t change are there, no matter how worried you are, you might not be able to effect a change.
A child after worrying and crying for something over a time, just suddenly ignores immediately the child notices that such a thing is not coming promisingly.
Are you also surprised why?

Well, the child understands that it is not coming any sooner, and decides to continue with life, because worrying and crying for that thing will only cause more harm than good..

7. A life of doing what you like:
Children like to play, and they can go disobedient to make sure they play. That is what they like doing, and they utilize life that very way.
Do you do the things you like? If yes, you are on the right track. Never shy away from saying No, it is an art of living. It helps you grow yourself up, and never to live on someone’s word.
Hence, what you want in life should always be a prioritized goal.

8. A life of Happiness that doesn’t come from money: Although money is an important fraction of life, it can’t buy you happiness. Happiness is found within, that’s the reason a millionaire can be depressed even with all his money.
Let us reference the children’s lifestyle once more. They don’t have money, they don’t buy things of their choice, they can’t even get the things they want, but they are always happy. This is because happiness is about sharing the joy you have from your inner heart.
In as much as one wants to live a life of fulfilment,  Finding happiness shouldn’t be overemphasized.

9. A life full of fun:
Don’t be so engaged and engrossed with life  struggles that you forget to catch fun. Fun rejuvenates the life in you, and rekindles your emotional quotient.

Having fun is just sure for children, it makes them full of life, it uplifts their mood.
You too can watch them closely, you would be amazed with the kind of fun you see them have. Copy that lifestyle, live it.

10. Live a Life of Possibility: Look around you, Do you see a child?. If yes, ask the child, “What do you want to be in the next Three (3) years”? These kids will shock you with their responses. You will see them say all sorts of wonderful things that are impossible for them in the next Three (3) years, Though the possibility for all their aspirations would take more than three years. That is the power of possibility. They want it to be possible, how it will happen, they are not concerned. they just want the result to be positive in their favour.

We too can believe that it will happen. life has an amusing way of working things out. What we need is courage and self confidence to take a little step further. Once you conceive it, you can achieve it.

The life we all should live is just a simple life of studying how children play and react to things. They are pure in heart and worthy of emulation.

If only we can build our living around their kind of lifestyle, we will all live a fulfilled life Free from hate, grudge, jealousy, and hence twist to a life full of fun, happiness, and possibility.

U.N Sampson Demian

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